Imagenes graciosas para blackberry

Imagenes graciosas para blackberry

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  1. Dagdazan says:

    Actually check back on the initial was nbc or cbs that said he wasn't an NBC because of his mother's birth. then trump released his mother's naturalization document, that showed she had naturalized before Donald was born. And they shut up and went back to the COLB and newspaper announcements. LOL

  2. Jo says:

    Turmoil in the ability to look.

  3. Karus says:

    Um, Jane I think there are others here from NC. Heather is close by. Is anyone else from NC here? What do you have there in the way of electrical pocket...uh something about a whole valley with throws the electrolytes off.The last time I flew I went that flight path near NC and it was surreal. It messed up my entire trip after I passed through there. It threw me off balance. Everyone was asleep and the lightning was bouncing off the plane like a star wars movie. It came down for a long time and was all over the place like those 'sparklers' they use for 4th of July. The effects of this are difficult to describe. It's NC or an hour or less outside of Charlotte in a valley.

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