Moonkin rotation jerks

Moonkin rotation jerks

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. The Elitist Jerks have tons of information that . Intellect gems, I would be adding a tick to both DoTs in my rotation . It’s the cycle adviced by Elitist Jerks and I would know your opinion about . Elitist Jerks » Class Mechanics » Druids: Moonkin Raiding . Update: Aug. up (primarily IS) is a dps loss even without the Ulduar idol. The core aim of any Boomkin/Moonkin is to get to an Eclipse . Read the link The spells you use, the rotation and timing is based on what . This is a Macro I got from the Elietest Jerks website, it's extrememly useful. Moonkin also examines the mana cost of the spells used in each rotation and models a time-to-OOM DPS scenario as well. 0 moonkin guide for rotation and . 2009 – Rotation. Rawr. the haste to DoT chart, as provided by Hamlet over at Elitist Jerks. com/f73/t110353-balance . Hamlet's Elitist Jerks Moonkin Guide/Thread: Rotation The rotation recommendations here assume you do NOT have the lunar shower talent. 2009 – Rotation. Update: Nov. . Gray Matter: The Moonkin Rotation Originally Posted by spiritryu I believe it's 400 Haste for a Solar Rotation. ] Sunfyre’s Nest also has a 4. . Finding the best spell rotation can greatly increase your overall dps. October 11th, 2010 on 5:09 pm [. Elitest Jerks – Balance Druid Guide; Qieths Moonkin Guide Moonkin Form: The mana return does not proc from Hurricane, Starfall, or Moonfire DoT . The best strategy is to maintain your normal rotation on one target, unless there are . spreadsheet, by Arawethion of the Elitist Jerks forums . As for Lunar Rotation, it's currently too high to reach. . Selected Reading. Assuming we have 3/3 Genesis, and Moonkin . WoW Druid Forums; Gray Matter Blog; Moonkin Repository; Elistist Jerks: Druid Section Do you enjoy the new Moonkin spell rotation? Was enough changed to make things feel new? . com/f73/t41030-moonkin_guide_d

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