Shaking and disorientation

Shaking and disorientation

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WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Disorientation, Dizziness, Dry mouth and Shaking and including Middle ear . typepad. Paxil - Increased anxiety, aggression, sexual side effects Celexa - Disorientation, zombie-like feeling, sexual side effects Prozac - Severe panic, shaking, disorientation Zoloft . ** Feelings of confusion or disorientation. Disorientation and confusion may also occur when the sufferer awakens. Sleep terrors may be so severe that the sufferer wakes up crying and shaking. Panic attacks are perpetuated by the ways in which we think. Some of these conditions are also seen . 5) Walnuts - causes shaking, disorientation, and seizures. ** Shaking, trembling, sweating, nausea or other physical symptoms, again, not caused by a physical condition. · Shaking · Disorientation. 6) Onion - The thiosulphate in onions causes anemia, bursting red blood cells, vomiting, and gasping. An anxiety attack can be initiated purely through distorted thinking, which turns on the . . Signs of pain, such as whining or shaking; Disorientation or bumping into objects; Overheating; Swollen abdomen; Has gone more than 3-4 hours between delivering puppies or kittens Signs of extreme pain, such as whining or shaking: Disorientation or bumping into objects: Swollen abdomen that is hard to the touch: Has gone more than 3-4 hours between delivering . . Salicylate poisoning, called salicylism, is a life-threatening condition that can also cause weakness, shaking, disorientation and lethargy. . com/my . It would be good for anyone taking this medication to . However, I have recently been experiencing confusion, anxiety, dry mouth, shaking, disorientation, numbness and insomnia. up; shaking confusion; disorientation; temporary appear to be blind or deaf; eat or drink ; Shake, Rattle and Roll: Topic-Other: Service/Therapy Dogs ( and less common symptoms include enlarged spleen, abdominal pain, aching muscles, headache, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, uncontrollable shaking, disorientation, dry

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