Free the ync underground

Free the ync underground

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  1. Nalmelak says:

    Articles that you have heard about her time. C qui représente pour votre enregistrement sera complet.

  2. Forus says:

    meanwhile Soetero and his minions seek to drive this country backward...1. breaking the back of our economy. ( engaging in a ruinous assault against energy & agricultural & what's left of manufacturing states using EPA, unbalanced trade policies that favor foreign interests,regulation,taxation,imports etc...manipulating our markets...misuse of federal funds...misdirected foreign funding & borrowing from foreign interests...The increasing foreign presence exploiting US natural resources...2. assaulting individual freedom.( marginalizing dissenters and trying to disarm citizens )...nannystate regulation on parenting.3. population destabilization in productive states. ( assaulting states rights ) & "balkinizing" groups through ID politics...( your basic divide & conquer strategy )4. Undermining US Sovereignty.( UN and the weakening of US military and not defending our actual borders )...forcing us to comply with european style environmental policies that are impracticable to this large country based on proven fraudulent data.5. grooming government dependence generationally through education.6. Legal assaults & cultural assaults on churches in America especially those conservative churches who refuse to endorse controversial issues/laws/customs contradictory to church doctrine.7. enabling foreign legal concepts to creep into US courts.8. re-writing/interpreting US history to favor a political agenda in text books and the media.9. censoring data and inhibiting the flow of data as well as consolidating access on the internet. ( net neutrality )10. Continuing obsfucation of constitutional understanding and legal "theory" to the general population through domination of the main stream media and press. This is why factions in congress seeks to control our access to libraries ( becoming digital )... Records/Archives ( becoming digital )...Radio( the push to destroy talk radio )...Internet( The legal assault on blogs utilizing a distortion of copy write laws to control access to published information )

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