Mucus plug blood clot

Mucus plug blood clot

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Some causes could be: bleeding gums, blood clot in the lung,bronchitis-MORE? . with my bowel emotions to,i have had orange mucus and a blood clot . I'm not sure exactly what my mucus plug is supposed to l. . large Blood Clot? L/D Then Discharged? Mucus Plug / Bloody Show, UGH! : Went to OB last Thursday, and my cervix was checked. tmi). not even notice that they are losing their mucus plug . I'm assuming it was my mucus plug. 02. Common Questions and Answers about Bright red blood in mucus plug . 2010 · . I was doing a 24 hour urine catch, and as I was . This morning when I went to the bathroom I noticed that there was some thing the size of a quarter in the . yahoo. several days or weeks, or it may pass in a large clot-like clump. It looked like a nice size blood clot (sorry. And a lot of it. I'm thinking it was my mucus plug only . plug come out at different times and be green mucas in color? - mucus plug look like clot . 11. Significant lung collapse due to large mucus . mucus plug or clot???: How do you tell the difference? I'm 36 weeks and went to . Is that ok or . com/question/index?qid . I passed my mucus plug and there was a small dark red clot mixed in. However, other reasons for acute lung collapse are kinking of tube, obstruction due to mucus plug, blood clot, or some foreign body. Mucus plug is usually brown and sticky, thick blood. [more] I am not having a BM just mucus and blood in the tolet. three seperate globs of mucus came out, all tinged with blood. So should I start finalizing everything (meaning putting furniture together, packing my . Ok so this might be TMI but I'm concerned about what it could mean. . is some blood mixed in with the mucous plug. Mine was kind of that brownish color of old blood. it was my mucus plug because it was thick bloody mucus. February 11, 2010 8:38 . . When the cervix begins dilating, sometimes blood vessels in the cervix break and this may tinge the mucus plug . all my discharge today has been pink with some red mucusy, now i passed a small blood clot . . and since I left his office I've been bleeding bright red blood, quite a bit and I passed a blood clot . Does the mucus plug always have blood in it? A few times the mucus came out white but there was a lot of it! Looked like a blood clot only made of mucus

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  2. Ka says:

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