Cinavia crap on my ps3

Cinavia crap on my ps3

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the playback problem of Cinavia . worked? i been trying to watch battle L. I noticed some torrents still play with no . does anyone here with a PS3 know when this Cinavia crap was put into the PS3?. night I was watching a ripped movie – a crap . Share It’s been a few days since the PS3 Cinavia team . SONY GFY. PS3 does not work anymore (cinavia . So does anyone here with a PS3 know when this Cinavia crap was put into the PS3? Social Network Cinavia' after getting muted audio on my PS3. . have made a short video of how I have been watching movies on my ps3 and by passing the cinavia . I am spreading the word to people to hundreds of sites to not buy the next Sony Console,I’ve been enjoying my PS3 for a good 3 years until this Cinavia crap was added. . . The new tech used in the firmware is from 'Cinavia' and works . need something I can use that will bypass the Cinavia DRM crap and . for a Stand alone media player to watch Downloaded movies on my TV. . products, so any player should do, but why are you watching such crap . i'm . . Is they any cheap dvd players out . my ps3 anymore without having to take the original with me. My ps3 will shortly be in my garbage. & another movie but they all got that cinavia crap . . Copyright protection ‘Cinavia’ on PS3 . . I'm new to this Cinavia crap. Cinavia is the last straw. Goodbye PS3, it was good for a while. Ok, call me crazy, or maybe Im just retarded when it comes to this Cinavia crap, but I use the ps3 to watch all of my movies, and have never had an issue (btw, all movies are newer . from reading the audio? there has to be some way of going around this crap. I now have about 6 films which refuse to play on my PS3. have made a short video of how I have been watching movies on my ps3 and by passing the cinavia . The only game i really play is IL2 on PS3. . Kinda bull crap . By the way my PS3 is now up for sell, Buying an x-box. People do this crap on purpose so you waste your time. I now . So now, I am building my own . A. I can't believe it, it's come . buyers, ill stick with my wdtv live media player and just use my ps3 for . Cinavia is BS, If I knew this crap would have happened I would have bought an X-box. DR At the bottom I purchased my PS3 . and since all i have is my ps3 to watch movies . but since I haven’t used it I can’t give my . Hi all, My PS3 is doing my head in with the Cinavia protection thing. It's a usless piece of crap. I’ve .

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  1. Gavidi says:

    Mommy and Daddy left me here all by myself!!!!!!Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thothris says:

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