Small ascii troll face

Small ascii troll face

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  1. Buzathris says:

    No, LC is incorrect on this. There was an online BC floating around, which someone then made blank by putting white areas over the written/typed text, and that too was floating around online. That blank was what was used to create the Blaine document LC is referring to as the "original." It is something someone did from an online document recently - very well could have been someone in Hawaii - but it was not from 1961.

  2. Ananadar says:

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  3. Ninis says:

    10 days. If she doesn't sign it, it is automatically law after that period. The only way it goes down is through her veto.

  4. Keralv says:

    It's time they all grew up and became men...and stand for our constitution-quite frankly I am sick and disgusted with all of them. Don't even watch foxnews anymore-no more beck, Hannity, and that pompous O'Reilly can go sit with his fake pres.

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