How to stop condo smoking

How to stop condo smoking

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tried . Because of a . Smoking Issues at condo with Neighbor above us?? Please help with what I should and should not do? Issue has occurred over last 2 mo. After a few days she comes down to our condo and declares "You MUST stop smoking on your balcony, I am allergic to cigarette smoke and YOU are killing me!!" Enforcement could extend to ordering a condo homeowner to stop smoking on his own balcony or patio, and I believe this would be upheld if challenged. Our new neighbors smoke in . Nicholson asked her neighbour to stop smoking on her patio and made a complaint last July . My wife and I own a condo in a 12-unit building in South Florida, which we use periodically. I have just hit a couple of ‘stop smoking sites’ offering this kind of treatment. Its bad for everyone Read all 24 responses: "Our roommates will not stop smoking in the house. 00 a day until we stop smoking or sell our condo. My neighbor above us wanted us to stop . The condo's owner lives one floor above, and she smokes heavily. . not just on the common elements and association property, but also stop people from smoking within . Recently a member of my Condo and HOA Law & Living group on LinkedIn asked the . I am pretty sure there is nothing you can do to make people stop smoking in their own home. Q. Condo Locators or even Condo Database Web-sites – Which is finest for you personally?. I have lived in a condo with my husband for three years. How 2 Approach a Neighbor in Above Condo Who Are Smokers and Affecting Family The position of the condo board was that because they didn't have any rules or bylaw prohibiting smoking, there was no basis for them to compel the other condo owners to stop . Stop smoking. My husband and myself are being threatened with a fine of $100. Suit filed in condo smoking battle . Anyone know if a condo or condo board can legislate that their building is a non-smoking building? . We have lived in these two towers for over 23 yrs and now we are

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