Invite message for office farewell

Invite message for office farewell

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3 Responses to Invite message for office farewell

  1. Daladar says:

    No member of Congress or the Supreme Court dares take a stand against Obama lest they be charged with, convicted of, fined, and imprisioned for "Misprison of Treason." - knowing that Obama has committed Treason, Bribery and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors but not doing a damn thing about it.

  2. Keris says:

    Follow the money citizenwarrior website all artical are interesting.Shriah compliant banks 2 older post,this involves a lot of what is happening for the nwo to have so much control.To get to the root of a problem is to follow the money.

  3. Nuage says:

    You all are going to love this. Google has deleted it (but not places to find it, if that makes sense), so I hope it's visible. If not, just look up "Osama Zombie 6," and check out the poster:

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