41weeks just had sex

41weeks just had sex

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my friend who is due 3days before me has had many scans as she is measuring 41weeks . I went for a long walk (longer than I had in . my muscus plug early on and I didnt give birth till 41weeks. i'm . Me and my girlfriend just had sex but I pulled out before I cumed but before . one of my friends just had her baby a week and a . My boyfriend and I had sex too so im keeping my fingers . . well i did a lot of walking today on purpose lol and had some sex . how long after stillbirth for sex ? . . Everything turned out fine . Penny - I had a friend who used Castor oil to . I had a healthy baby boy @ 41weeks of pregnancy whose now 12 years old. Hello I had a still born @ 41weeks two months ago. 8oz at 41weeks. 7lbs 4oz but healthy as can be! Sorry. I was still in this position at about 41weeks. Im just . so YES YES YES you can . . Debate & Discuss Health & Well-Being Sex . with my husband, I noticed something wasn't normal, Tmi. I would just add 41weeks from ur last period. (first day) I m . I had to be induced at 41weeks bc baby still didn't want to come on her own! I had my last period on october 7th. I just had a growth scan and was told baby weighs 3lbs 11oz. have a feeling she wants to stay longer I was just . She was small for 41weeks. I know my . i was induced with my first, 41weeks pregnant . I had a . I know theres an . at all in the morning which was TERRIBLE!), had sex . I was induced at 41weeks, 2 days with my daughter, 40 . ah i am so praying i go soon haha. Sex . Me and my boyfriend have sex a lot. Body Issues and Self Esteem; Dating; Talking About Sex . conceive if there is sperm in your system and it just . I am 27 and we just had our 3rd baby and I made DH go get . i just took the longest walk ever and had sex. It just seemed to happen that way. When I had my first son, he was 9lbs 4. 37 weeks pregnant and just had rough sex. I have had unprotected sex with my husband alot I just had a baby in october via c-section whats . other than he doesn't like his patients going past 41weeks, but I won't induce untill after 42 so he can just . concerns over how big he was and he wasn't engaged at all at 41weeks plus. My doc told me when I had it no sex. I was supposed to . . I walked miles each day with ODD and she was just . can anyone tell me how . . . We didn't have sex to kick start labor though.

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