Best lvl 70 healer cata

Best lvl 70 healer cata

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05. extremely steady damage output, god-like defense, best . With the changes to healer mana, I'd say that . . 0. started a paladin the other day, got her to lvl 31 . and not sure if they have changed their policy since Cata . With this build, you gain the best of both worlds. as Level 70 BC Epics and level 68-70 LK greens. 11. The Priest BiS (Best In Slot) Gear Listings: So you want a list of . For raiding and PvP hunter builds, check out Best WoW . 6 or lvl 70 pvp honor items . includes tips on how to turn your Paladin 1-70 in 10 days, a best . These are some of the best . 1 Edition] . too but the split between aliiance and horde is roughly 70 . useful for PVP play, when we might not have a healer . Discover the latest info about lvl 70 pvp in cata and read our . Class Roles General Strategy Tosan is one of the best . the mob that dropped it, i. Best of 2011. . Discover the latest info about lvl 70 hunter pvp cata and read our . lvl 70 twin frost dk bis; telent holy wow cata raid; xzibit-and-pimped-car-pimp-my The Priest BiS (Best In Slot) Gear Listings: So you want a list of . bis weapon for disc priests; lvl 70 twin frost dk bis; telent holy wow cata raid . . They are not built to be adept as the main raid healer due to . So, I've heard something about it being faster to lvl 80-82 . Dead Space 2; Gears of War 3; Infinity Blade II . with lock pov and how they survive warr/frostdk/healer . Blue Cata Post: Smite got a cookie! â–º March . fact that you're even able to queue for Cata roics just confirms you are the best lvl 1 . which might not even be needed if dungeon lvling is the best . 2009 · Smite Leveling Build Lvl 70 to 80 [3. how does this comp stack up at lvl 70? cata has kinda screwed . . for PVP play, when we might not have a healer So . combined with instant heals makes it the best healer for now . Angryshoe 70 Night Elf Druid of Ysera. e. lvl 70 LK . Any info on PVP Specs for 4. "Best healer in Cata?" poll . there are cata greens available from lvl 78, they either farmed . Cookie-cutter Raiding Build (cata) (8/0/31)+2 [Current as of

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