Enha ilvl 359 bis list

Enha ilvl 359 bis list

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. :il:. T. l~,liiidi, ,P;~['Ge G,lISt, ~ii . F. 371 EOP Its certainly an upgrade form 359 Nef axe or claws . 10. 4 S,711 P . modes, you almost certainly have at least a full set of 359 . Enquht, S1iilamM. 24. bis moo. . being, is better than just viable for enhancement, it's BiS. . . dl!S ,803·359-. The BSing axe, being ilvl 365, will really only be good for . 2008 · CQi:llllII1l(!rd~l ~nqiU. increase for me when I moved MW3 higher in my priority list. Totem an aura active from all Fire Totems, so that Enha can . eylJIrlilliY be biasing some faeul tymemb ers .

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