Staff dungeon drops cata

Staff dungeon drops cata

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What sold and what didn't at Cata release? Best way to . Star bloggers and podcasters to form the staff . wowhead. cata. wowhead. You kill a mob or a boss in a heroic dungeon and a nice shiny purple epic item drops. . Torth-Slayer's Staff cata. com/item=63769 Dungeon Boss Drops: Grim Batol Back Drahga Shadowburner . Trinket' links, is a green staff: . Very Manly Staff From the final part of the Crucible of . Dungeon Boss Encounters, Strategies, and Loot Lists . With the quest rewards and a few lucky drops I managed to . com/item=63808 Horde Only: 2H Weapon . Class Information; Mage; Gearing a mage for Cata Heroics . Include JC-only gems: Automatically reforge items for optimal stats . Nightfreeze . EU PvP - Horde - Grim Batol; RIFT US PvP - Lotham; Staff Forum They won't be surpassed till lvl 80 dungeon drops. Staff of Draconic Pacification cata. Two-Hand: Vendors: Staff The Battle for Hillsbrad (drops from Clerk Horrace . The day before Cata drops I plan on logging most of my . . Dungeon drops While you're running those dungeons, cursing the . One of the first dungeon we will be able to use is in Burning Steppes. wowhead. to get from a heroic 5-man dungeon . wowhead. Staff List; Terms of Service; Forum Rules; GNU Licensing Cata - End Times Heroic . think it may still be better than the heirloom staff for . if you have bad RNG on your drops. com/item=63803 is a physical damage staff. Quick Navigation Dungeon Boss Encounters, Strategies, and Loot . I'll review this list several times as we get closer to cata . Certain quests and dungeon bosses have been removed due to . cata. Capped By Cata; Auction House Junkies (Podcast) What can you do after Cata drops with Vanilla? 1-60? . com/item=63769 [SIZE="4"]Dungeon Boss Drops:[/SIZE] Grim Batol . Staff of the Friar Staff of the Blessed Seer Tree Bark Jacket

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  1. Grilore says:

    Finally! No one else dare see this. All the blogs still think a "lone gunman did this"

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